Blessing for Adult children

The Father's Blessing


(Name) , today I want to impart a father's blessing to you as a father myself and as a representative of your Heavenly Father.

I bless your life
(name) . The life God gave you. He knew you before He created the world. He formed you in your mother's womb to be exactly who you are, to look as you do, to have the personality and character you have. There were no surprises. You were uniquely crafted and specifically designed for God's purpose. He rejoiced when you were created, celebrated and boasted when you were born and has been with you every day and year that has passed. He loves you and wants you to know the height, depth and breadth of His Love for you - not for what you do or have done, but for who you are.

I bless your personal faith in Jesus Christ that you may not only believe what He has said, but receive what He has promised for your life. I bless you in your walk with God that you may be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ with your mind bound to His thoughts, you hands bound to His work and your feet bound to His path for your life.

I bless the day you were born, the perfect timing of your birth and the destiny that God pre-planned for your life. All the days of your life were ordained before one of them came to be. May you discover the sheer joy of walking in the steps that God has ordered for your life.

I bless your gender as a
(beautiful woman/ cherished man) of God created in God's perfect design. I bless your birth order. May the timing of your arrival and your relationship with (brothers and sisters) be used by God to perfect you according to His will.

I bless your emotional life that you may understand deep in your heart that God will always provide a safe place for you, a place of refuge in this earth from the forces that set themselves against you. May God's perfect love displace any fears in your life.

I bless your marriage to
(name) . What God has joined together, may no one ever separate. May you always be one with (name) and know the leading of the Lord to support, encourage and (respect him/love her) in all things.

I bless you as a
(mothe/father) and bless (any childrens names), that the generational blessing upon you and your family line would be passed on to them. May each of your beautiful children provide breadth and depth to your life experience and may each of them share your values in life and experience a personal walk with God.

I bless the work of your hands, that whatever roles you find yourself in at
(place of employment) or any other Organization be fulfilling to you and glorifying to God.

I bless your finances, that you may always know the abundance of God's supply, that you will always discern and obey the requirements for financial blessing and live securely without need or fear of want.

I bless and release you into the destiny and purpose God has for you and the anointing over your life. You demonstrate gifting in the areas of
(name areas of giftings). May you continue to grow in these areas of gifting and any others God has for you.

(Name), know this day that you are a blessed (daughter/son) of the most High God with the same inheritance as that of His Son Jesus Christ. In Whose name and authority I pronounce this blessing on you today.

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