Indigenous Ministries of Alaska

Summit at Skyline Foursquare Church

Anchorage AlaskaFebruary 18-25, 2008



This is a brief report of a weeklong trip to Anchorage, Alaska to attend the 4th Indigenous Ministries of Alaska (IMA) Summit held at Skyline Foursquare Church. In addition, two more days were spent at the church under the ministry of Alan Ross, a gifted prophet from Glasgow Scotland.


IMA Summit


I was invited by Pastor James Brenn, Senior Pastor of Skyline Foursquare Church to attend the summit and make contact with the Christian Native leaders in Alaska. I had met Pastor James and his wife Yvonne a year earlier at a 3-week Leaders School put on by the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in January 2007.


At that time I had shared with Pastor James that I had been doing some work with the Inuit of Eastern Canada and had a heart to minister to our Northern brothers. He felt this summit would be an opportunity to meet new leaders and listen to their vision and be part of a significant “happening” in Alaska. His heart is to forge closer ties with the Natives of Alaska and to seek bi-lateral dialogue and ministry in the communities of the interior of Alaska.


The Summit ran from Monday night, February 18 to Thursday night, February 21 at the church and was very well attended both during the daytime meetings and worship sessions each evening. Pastor James and his staff had thoroughly prepared for the summit and were honoured to be able to host this significant event. Their prayer room dubbed the “War Room” was used by the leaders every morning to prepare for the day, discuss issues and to invite God through His Holy Spirit to take charge.



Whenever you drive East in Anchorage,    Ian in front of Skyline Foursquare Church

this is the view before your eyes.               before the Summit began


Spirit of Togetherness


There was a heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit throughout the four days that fell on not only the leaders but on all who attended. During the mornings, the leaders met for prayer and dialogue. They represented nearly all the 12 nations in Alaska from the far North to the Aleutian chain to the Panhandle regions.


Here is a brief list of those leaders and representatives (my apologies if I have forgotten anyone).


Native & Non-native Alaskan Leaders

Pastor Mike Curtis – Athabascan/Inupiat – New Destiny Church - Anchorage

Barbara Curtis – Inupiat

Leonard John – Tlingit

Guy Peters – Athabascanpastor/leader/musician

Will Mayo – Athabascan,

Yvonne Mayo

Eleanor Roehl – Yupik - dancer

Evangelist Michael Tall from Nome - dancer

Pastor Luke Titus – Minto Worship Center

Evangelist Gary Simple - Athabascan/Dene. Ministry website: Scared Ground Ministries

Pastor Marvin Carroll of Golden Heart Fellowship

Billy Olsen - musician


Other Leaders (Native and Non-native)

Pastor Dan Mosley – Paiute/Assiniboine - Nevada

Rhonda Mosley – Shishone/Lakota Sioux - Nevada

Pastor Jeff Yellow Owl – Blackfeet/Mt Tribe) – District Supervisor First Nations Foursquare Churches– Toppenish, WashingtonHope For Nations Church

Pastors Frank and Mary East – Toppenish Washington - Hope For Nations Church

Pastor Rick Turner – Yukon Bible Chapel – Whitehorse, Yukon

Prophet Alan Ross – Scotland – Ministry website G.O.I.A.M




In this photo – (L-R) Guy Peters, Will Mayo, Leonard John, Marvin Carroll,

Far right- Barbara Curtis, Mike Curtis


Protocol and Understanding


It is difficult to tell all that happened over the 3-1/2 days but I want to share a few of the highlights. Protocol was first addressed and many of the visitors and non-natives learned a great deal about protocol. This went a long way in establishing the communications and closeness experienced by all.


Several gifts were exchanged including hand-made gifts by Doug Yates to Pastor James & Yvonne of Foursquare. Friendship necklaces were offered to all invited guests and speakers. These were treasured by the recipients and represent a “passport” to Native communities. Pastor James presented IMA a wonderful photograph he took of an eagle during one of his fishing trips. I have included some photos below.


Many prophetic words were spoken by the leaders indicating how God has begun a mighty work among the native and non-native groups in Alaska. This summit was charged with a spirit of new beginnings and a great hope for future relationships.


Evangelist Gary Simple spoke and played guitar but most importantly had us act out a prophetic action whereby the white leaders present formed a circle, facing outwards with arms crossed. The native people then entered the circle. The prophetic significance of this act was that these white Christian leaders were protecting the Christian natives from the rest of those (Christian, Churches, Ministries etc) wanting to come in and take over what is happening in Alaska through IMA and like-minded groups.



The white people present formed a protection ring around the native people keeping

out those wanting to usurp the new initiatives.  


So much forgiveness, repentance and healing


As the summit progressed it became obvious that a great and wonderful thing was happening. Past hurts were healed, lives were transformed and a new reconciliation was becoming evident. Some native leaders shared through tears, their struggle and abuse while in residential schools.


Some repented of hostile thoughts, words and deeds toward the white people of Alaska. And equally important, the white Alaska church leaders repented and humbled themselves before the native Alaskans.


Although I don’t know the exact history of the Native and white people in Alaska, I can glean from the conversations I had that the relationship was similar to that in the south – both in the United States and Canada.


Occupation of lands, unbalanced treatment, and disrespect for each other etc had formed deep seated feelings and even resentments. Jesus came that we be united and not divided and this summit went a long way to seeking unilateral reconciliation. I personally felt a heavy anointing and a sweet fragrance of the Lord during the entire summit.


There was not a dry eye in the building when these acts of forgiveness and repentance took place.



Pastor James and Yvonne humbled              Prayers continually went up for those

themselves and were emotionally                  wanting healing and deliverance

overcome during the healing times.               from past issues and life experiences.


Another highlight of the summit was the preaching and prophesying of guest Pastor Alan Ross from Scotland. Alan has a wonderful and powerful gift of prophesy and spoke over several at the summit. In addition, he stayed on and spoke four times on the Saturday and Sunday following the summit. Many were blessed at his preaching and insight into God’s moving among the Alaskan natives and churches in general.


Alan also spoke to the church leaders at Skyline and spoke at a luncheon held at the home of Pastor James & Yvonne Brenn. His words were like pieces of gold and fine jewels. Alan hears from God and speaks what he hears. It was a blessing to come under his anointed ministry.



Prophet Alan Ross preaching at the summit and afterwards at Skyline Church.  


It is impossible to tell all that took place during the 3 ½ day summit and the following two days with Alan. Suffice to say that I have never witnessed such power and reconciliation between peoples. I had the privilege of attending a huge 5-day conference in Quebec City, Canada a few years ago and witnessed a lot of the same healing and reconciliation between English and French Canadians and Inuit and First Nation peoples. This IMA summit was all as much and more.


May the Lord bless this reconciliation and move in a mighty way in Alaska and beyond its borders into Canada and the world with the Good News that He is in control of the affairs of people from whatever background, race and tribe.


I want to personally thank the leaders of IMA for allowing me to be an observer to this summit. As well, I want to thank Pastor James & Yvonne Brenn of Skyline Foursquare church for hosting this event and allowing me to participate through my music and ministry. Lastly, I want to thank my hosts Pastor Barry & Julie Hildebrand for opening their home to me for the week. May you continue to be used by God.


Here are a few general photographs of the IMA Summit and the activities that I was involved in.



Initial Gathering of visitors and leaders          Eleanor Roehl’s first dance of the summit.



Doug Yates presenting his gift to                       Pastor Mike Curtis (IMA) receiving

Pastor James & Yvonne Brenn of                     the gift to IMA from Pastor James Brenn                 

Skyline Foursquare Church, Anchorage                 (The eagle photo was taken by Pastor James)



Evangelist Gary Simple playing and singing          Ministry time happened many times and

prophesying and preaching.                            many came forward to repent

                                                                   and be healed and be saved.


Music and Dance played a significant role during the summit.



Guy Peters ministering in music              Praise Team – led by Jose Rolon.




Eleanor Roehl starts off her dance                 Ian helping out during the day


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