April 24, 2004 – St. Andrew’s Streetsville Men’s Day Retreat at Faith Mission, Campbellville


Today was the second annual St. Andrew’s Streetsville Men’s Day Retreat. The day started off with breakfast in Mississauga at 7:45am on a Saturday! Terry, Patrick, Michael, Steve, Leif, Hugh, Dan and Ian enjoyed a ‘light’ breakfast consisting of everything from ‘light’ French Toast, to ‘light’ triple eggs and bacon to ‘light’ three-filling omelettes!


After breakfast seven of us drove out to Campbellville to the Faith Mission Retreat Centre. We soon discovered that the facilities at Faith Mission are ideally suited to a small group like ourselves or larger groups like Alpha Retreats or even larger conference groups of up to 100 people. The facilities include overnight accommodation for at least 50 people. We had full use of the ‘apartment’ complete with TV/Video, overhead projector, kitchen facilities and a wonderful view!


This day was filled with Praise Music, prayer time, study of our workbook, watching a thought-provoking video on Accountability and sharing of the men’s concerns. The Holy Spirit was evident and was moving in all the men’s lives. We made our own lunch and afterwards had a brief walk around the lovely grounds of the Faith Mission. The day went by so quickly that by 5:30pm it was time to leave for our homes. En route back, we had a planned dinner at the ‘Swiss Chalet’ in Milton.


Here are some pictures from the day.



Faith Mission Retreat Centre, Campbellville        Patrick, Michael, Steve, Terry & Hugh



  Patrick, Steve, Michael, Terry & Ian                       The whole gang – what a day!



      Great view from the top of the hill                      Dinner at The Swiss-Chalet in Milton



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