August 5-6, 2005: Alpha© Canada National Conference in Mississauga



On Friday, August 5th and Saturday August 6th nearly 1500 attended the Alpha Canada Leadership Conference held at Portico Community Church in Mississauga. The purpose of this conference was amongst other things, to update Alpha Leaders and participants on new initiatives and how to improve the running of their courses. Alpha courses are available to thousands of Canadians in church settings, in homes, in prisons, in colleges and in youth groups.


Local groups of churches throughout Canada have joined together as never before in order to offer information evenings and dinners, many new ones will be starting next month.


Two years ago there was a large Alpha national initiative that resulted in thousands of new courses being offered. This year the expectations are even higher! Alpha courses are already running in many cities and communities across Canada. More information is available from the Alpha Canada website.


Pastor Nicky Gumble from Holy Trinity Church (HTB), Brompton, (London) UK was the keynote speaker and teacher. Nicky will be installed as the new Vicar of HTB next month. Worship and Praise was led by David Clifton one of the worship leaders from Holy Trinity, Brompton. David has the anointed ability to bring people into God’s presence as a solo singer and worshiper. Thank you David!


Part of the Friday evening session involved testimonies from nearly 30 people whose lives have been changed by their Alpha experience.


The facilities at Portico are ideal for such a gathering and the number of volunteers attested to their commitment to Alpha! Thanks to the staff and volunteers!.


Food, did I mention food?


The cost of the conference included two daily snacks, two lunches and a bar-be-que dinner – all served ‘under the tent’. The logistics were daunting but I have never seen such efficient and well run food lines.


Here are a few pictures from the weekend conference.




Overhead screen announcing the Conference.  The wonderful gathering in Portico Church.



     Worship was marvellous and deep.             Anointed David Clifton leading worship.



   Nicky sharing his vision for Alpha.                Nicky was approachable to everyone.


  Gathering outside to share with others                   The very efficient food tent!



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