February 25-26, 2005: MenAlive in Christ 25th Anniversary Conference


Friday night, February 25th and Saturday, February 26th, I had the wonderful privilege of  serving Precept Ministries International by setting up and looking after their display and book table at the 25th Anniversary Conference of MenAlive (in Christ for Life) held at the Days Inn, Toronto Airport.


I had the added privilege of sitting in on some of the sessions and fellowshipping with many of the one hundred or so men who attended this year’s conference. Although I had not been involved with MenAlive before, I can now see what a wonderful ministry it is. As a bit of a background, MenAlive was founded by Ted Maxwell, the husband of Nell Maxwell, the founder of WomenAlive – a long established and wonderful women’s ministry. Nell was actually at this year’s events and attended the Saturday afternoon women’s session held in conjunction with the men’s activities.


The two main speakers at the conference were Dr. Howard Hendricks, senior professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and Dr. Gary Inrig of Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Redlands California. Gary’s wife Dr. Elizabeth Inrig, Director of Women’s Ministries at The Free Evangelical Church of America, led the women’s session on Saturday afternoon.


Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Inrig presented powerful sessions covering such topics as “Managing My Time, “Being Intellectually Grounded in Christ”, “Being Socially Grounded in Christ”, “Guarding My Home” and more.


Praise and Worship was led by Bert McCutcheon, Senior Pastor of Roblin Wesleyan Church in Roblin, Ontario. Rob’s ensemble presented many wonderful praise selections from writers such as Robin Mark and even some pieces written by members of the his Praise team.


In the resource room were displays by Crown Financial Canada, Worldwide Christian Schools as well as Precept Ministries International, Blessings bookstore and MeasureONE Music.


I want to sincerely thank Rick Verkerk, Executive Director of MenAlive (in Christ for Life) for allowing me to participate and take part in the fellowship at the conference.


 Here are a few pictures from the event.



The Welcome sign –MenAlive – for CHRIST!              Enjoying the fellowship & worship



   Pastor Bert McCutcheon & Praise Group             Dr. Hendricks delivered powerful messages



  Similarly, Dr. Inrig – told us “straight-up”                      Rod Rattray of Crown Financial



John Postuma of Worldwide Christian Schools          Ian Ridpath representing Precept Ministries



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