February 21, 2005: Defend Marriage Coalition fundraising dinner at Canada Christian College


 Monday, February 21st found us among nearly 1000 others all gathered at Canada Christian College in Toronto to support the efforts of defendMARRIAGE.ca and their coalition to bring the message to Canadians that traditional marriage is the only recognized form of intimate union in the eyes of God. Their mandate is to get this message out to all MPs for the upcoming debate and vote on Bill C-38.


Not only were there many Christians there but as well, representatives and leaders from the Jewish community, the Sikh community, the Hindu community and more.


Keynote speakers included MP Stockwell Day, Rabbi Moshe Stern of Shaarei Tefillah in Toronto, Senator Anne Cools, Father Tom Lynch and organizer and president of Canada Christian College, Dr. Charles McVety. Other representatives from Canada Family Action Coalition, Real Women of Canada were also present. Roy Beyer, operations director for the Defend Marriage Trust (DMT) encouraged us to support the cause.


We were also entertained by a wonderful singing group from the Philippines. They lead us in a heart-moving rendition of O Canada to start off the evening.


The evening started off with a full course roast beef and chicken dinner, desert and coffee and fellowship with many new friends around the tables. The cost of the dinner was taken care of by one individual whose heart is to see God’s blessing poured out on Canada in this time of attack on God’s basic relationship principles.


The messages delivered by the speakers were all powerful and positive since the theme and mood of the evening was one of support for Traditional Marriage as opposed to condemnation of anything else. It was clear though, that we in the faith communities who uphold the traditional marriage model, cannot and should not compromise because of the state.


Only once after the meal was there a small disturbance from some opponents of the efforts of the gathering and those involved were escorted off the premises.


Three Cord Ministries is proud to be a supporter of such initiatives and urges others who want to see the traditional definition of marriage upheld in Canada, proclaim this in love and respect.


Here are a few pictures from the evening.




  The podium and lectern – God Save Canada            A few of the nearly 1000 who gathered



                    Pre-dinner conversations                   A supporter discussing views with Stockwell



    Rabbi Moshe Stern – a message of strength       Senator Anne Cools – ‘Stalwart for the cause’

                                 and Shalom.



  Stockwell Day - asking for unity in the fight           Father Tom Lynch  - a powerful call to action



          Lawn signs – show that we care


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