July 28-31, 2005: ‘One Heart’ (Un Seul Cœur) Watchmen Gathering in Quebec City



Praise the Lord for what He is doing in CANADA!


The Coming and Going


It is hard to know where to begin describing the four days in Québec City attending the Watchmen For the Nations, ONE HEART Gathering. Marg and I have never been in such a diverse gathering of Canadians – Canadians who confess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour! A group of us from Southern Ontario including some from the Peterborough area, the Golden Horseshoe and even one from B.C. travelled to Québec City on a coach tour arranged by Canadian Christian Tours. Doug Campbell was our host and it was the first time that a CCT tour was arranged for Watchmen gatherings. We left a day early on Wednesday and came back on the Monday following the last day of the conference.


Thank you Doug and staff!


After a very eventful start originating from the Crossroads Center in Burlington, that included inclement weather, snarled Toronto traffic, construction everywhere on the 401, we finally arrived in Québec City after nearly 14 hours! The following day however, we were treated to a wonderful tour of the city including the old sections and many famous landmarks such as the Plains of Abraham where we were to have our march on Sunday.


The ‘One Heart’ Conference started on Thursday night July 28th with nearly 4000 in attendance. This included over 150 Inuit from Nunavut, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut (the newly named Inuit territory in Northern Labrador), many First Nations and Métis as well as Québecquois and Anglophones from across Canada. In addition there were dozens from overseas.




The “One Heart” bus group from Toronto                Some of the Group at “Diamond Lookout”

           click for full-resolution Image                    (our “leader" Doug Campbell is front right)


The Conference


The conference titled “One Heart” or in French “Un Seul Cœur” was the next step in a progression of over ten years of bringing healing to Canada through God’s people humbling themselves, confessing corporate and individual sins and reconciling with their brothers and sisters from different cultures in this country. It took place from Thursday, July 28 to Sunday, July 31 at the Québec City Conference Center.


Since 1995, Watchmen for the Nations, spearheaded by David Damian, has coordinated a series of Gatherings for the leadership and body of Christ in Canada. Unlike traditional conferences with lineups of speakers and prescribed schedules, these Gatherings centre on a singular guiding principle: believers congregating to seek the face of the Lord corporately for His purposes for the church.



     The French banner for ‘One Heart”                The Inuit, First Nations and Métis celebrating.



Inuit & First Nation Leaders raise the Canadian flag. The flag of Nunavut is raised for all to see.


Throughout the conference we were all so proud of our Canadian, Provincial and Territorial flags and the unity shown between all nations and regions in Canada – French, English, Inuit, First Nations, Métis and Immigrants.


Praise, Worship, Forgiveness & the ‘Marriages’


One of the most meaningful aspects of the conference was the magnificent praise and worship. At every session we were taken through the frontlines of Spiritual warfare. Denominational and cultural walls came tumbling down right before our eyes.


Every day of the conference, more and more healing took place – healing first between the French and English Canadians – the ‘marriage’ of these two groups was a moving scene with leaders such as David Maines and others blessing our French brothers and sisters.


Then healing and reconciliation between the Inuit, First Nations and Métis with French and English Canada – leaders and individuals from all these groups confessed wrongs, gave and received forgiveness and reconciled right before us – we were a part of these marriages between fellow Canadian believers.


Then yet another ‘marriage’ ceremony took place with vows being renewed between all the married couples in attendance.




Praise and Worship leaders ‘going before’ the Lord.  Nearly every national group in Canada was

                                                                            brought together before the Lord .


 Throughout the conference, the on-stage dancers brought to life the themes and feelings of the conference – the ‘marriages’, the history of French Canada and the founding of Québec City in 1608.


One significant event was the placing of people’s watches on the first-nation drum shown below. We all are synchronized now to ‘Indian Time’ an expression coined at the conference.



The “umbrellas of nations” displayed on stage.    The watches of the cultures brought together

                                                                  in “Indian Time”. It is God’s time for Canada!


The March


There were so many highlights of the gathering in Québec City but they were eclipsed by the march on Sunday, July 31. The march was led by the Inuit followed by the First Nations and Métis followed by the Provinces and finally the overseas guests.


Nearly 4000 strong marched through Québec City from the Conference Center, past the Québec Parliament buildings and on to the Plains of Abraham where Canadian history was set by the battle of over 200 years ago. It was so fitting to have the march end there and have public reconciliation displayed on the very grounds where French and English fought each other so many years ago.



  Marching in front of the Parliament buildings.   Nearly 4000 marching in downtown Québec City.



  Marg and I enjoying the sun and the parade.     Marchers arriving on the Plains of Abraham.



Some of the multitudes assembling before God   Many first-nation, provincial and territorial flags

   on the Plains in full view of the mighty                   dotted the back-drop of the picnic.

                St. Lawrence River.                


Never has Canada witnessed such an outpouring of unity and reconciliation – the ‘marriage’ of French and English Canada and the First Nations and Immigrants. Praise the Lord! May we now take the torch and continue to nurture this new covenant of marriage within our own communities.


Ian & Marg Ridpath


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