June 2005: ‘Christian Music in the Park’ – Milton  - June 12, 2005


On Sunday, June 12th, many folks in Milton spent most of the afternoon at Victoria Park for this year’s first ‘Christian Music in the Park’ sponsored by the Milton Christian Churches Working Together group.


Even though Sunday morning started off hot and muggy and it actually rained before noon, the weather cleared and in the early afternoon people began arriving at Victoria Park. The park is an ideal venue for such a day with its large central multi-sided stage and the many shade trees with the lovely fountain and garden.


The day’s program included six or seven worship teams and one dance trio. By the time Marg and I arrived at about 3:00pm, two groups Cathy and Colin Bailes and “Worship With Us” had already performed. The Praise team “In Spirit” from St. Paul’s United Church were in the middle of their session and were praising the Lord with their wonderful voices and instruments. It was so good to see so many younger people pouring out their heart and voices to the Lord.


The Praise team from Milton Bible Church was next – wow what a great group!


As a special treat, three young women Messianic Dancers from Knox Presbyterian showed us a form, of worship that is not usually seen – messianic and prophetic dancing to the Jehovah – our Lord. Just as King David danced before the Lord, these dancers praised Him through their dance routines.


Next, several members of the Praise team from Burloak Christian Fellowship led by Richard Bristow led those in attendance with some great worship songs including some of Robin Mark’s popular songs.


The Praise team from Southside Community church arrived as we ourselves were leaving and unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to hear them. We know though that Erin Hooper and the group love to sing their hearts out to the Lord- we hope to hear them next time!


The afternoon was a wonderful example of what can be done in our community to bring Christians together for praise and worship of our one Lord, Jesus Christ. The numbers were a bit low this time but the good news is that in August at the same time and in the same place, MCCWT will be putting on another ‘Christian Music in the Park’!


Lorrette Shermet and the rest of the MCCWT committee are to be congratulated and thanked for organizing this day. Emcee Brian did a great job introducing each team and making sure the afternoon ran smoothly.


We really encourage Milton Churches and their congregations to get involved and encourage their members to come out on August 7th for a fantastic afternoon of ‘Christian Music in the Park’.


Here are some pictures of the day.



 Final sound checks before the next group     Whole families came out to enjoy the afternoon

 came on – the day was great!



The central bandshell was ideal for the event       The Messianic Dances from Knox



   Milton Bible Church’s group in action             Trish, Richard, John and Marg from Burloak


  The Burloak group praising the Lord!



Remember to mark SUNDAY, AUGUST 7 on your calendar for the next

Christian Music in the Park!

Ian Ridpath


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