November 5-7, 2004Knox Presbyterian -16  Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend


This Alpha Holy Spirit weekend started on Friday night with Reverend Walter Read, the minister of Knox-16 Presbyterian Church, welcoming everyone. A time of praise and worship and reflection was followed by wonderful time of fellowship. In total there were eight attendees on the retreat, seven from Knox-16 and myself. I was privileged to be invited to minister in song and testimony for the weekend. The Holy Spirit did not disappoint and as the weekend progressed, His presence was made manifest.


The Faith Mission in Canada retreat facility was shared on the Saturday with St. George’s Anglican Church of Loweville as they also had their Alpha Retreat in an adjacent part of the centre. For a good part of the day either their praise music or ours could be heard in the building. Even though their group did not stay over on the weekend, we did share a breakfast and lunch with them. 


On Saturday, the three Holy Spirit videos that are part of the Alpha Course were presented with time for reflection and discussion. Following dinner and a time of praise, that evening, Walter presented his “hot seat” time during which people could ask him any question that they may have concerning their Christian experience. Afterwards, a movie was watched and then some very late-night discussions.


Sunday dawned beautiful and after breakfast and more praise, the last video entitle “What Do I Do with the Rest of My Life?” was shown. It was after this video that the Holy Spirit made Himself manifest in some on the course and wonderful ministry took place. The weekend was ended around noon with a Communion Service lead by Walter.


To any who have done the Alpha Course but have not experienced the weekend retreat I can only but encourage you to do so – even with another group. It is a life-changing experience.


Here are some pictures from the weekend.



Question: How many Presbyterians does it                 The Knox-16 group sitting down for

take to turn on a DVD player? Answer: more          breakfast – Mmmmm – the food was good!

than FOUR - obviously!



        Reverend Walter in the hot-seat. “The       Ken and John contemplating the Word – or sleeping?

            fish really was this BIG!”



The three “youth” discussing the issues at the         Knox-16 participants at the Alpha Weekend

gates of the city”.                                                 We were all blessed beyond our expectations.


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November 12-13, 2004 - Promise Keeper’s 2004 Mississauga - Conference Report


Friday evening November 12th and all day Saturday November 13th saw the Promise Keeper’s 2004 Men’s Conference take place at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga. Nearly 5000 men attended and were blessed by fantastic praise and worship by Robin Mark from Ireland and the Promise Keeper’s worship team.


Powerful ‘straight-talk’ by anointed speakers such as Pastor James MacDonald of Walk in the Word’ Ministries; Ed Hinson; ex-Toronto Blue Jay Jesse Barfield; Kirk Giles of PK Canada; Marvis Frazier (son of boxer Joe Frazier); Phil Callaway and Stu Weber


Several of the speakers had wonderful products being offered in the resource area. The latest offerings by Robin Mark wer also available. As well, many other ministries had displays at the conference including Precept Ministries Canada, Alpha Canada, World Vision Canada, Teen Challenge Canada.


Several members of both St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Streetsville men’s group and New Life Pentecostal Church in Milton attended. My day started off with a 7:00am breakfast with the St. Andrew’s men. The camaraderie and fellowship was a great part of the PK conference. Marg and I were blessed again this year in a volunteer capacity. She volunteered to work with the PK organization and was especially blessed when all the women volunteers were welcomed at the front of the sanctuary to be thanked by 5000 appreciative men. I helped Tom Hart of Precept Ministries Canada with his display and book stand and in the process met many old friends and many new men who have a heart for God’s Word.


There was a very hunger in the men at the conference to go deeper in their Christian walk as demonstrated in the attendance, the conversations in the hallways and the interest in the many ministry displays having wonderful resource material. Praise the Lord that He brings men together for such times - we need always to keep our promises to others as God has kept His promises to us.


Here are a few pictures from the day.



 Men poured in once the doors were opened      Mickey Bussen (volunteer), Tom Hart & Ian

                                                                                    at the Precept display stand.



 The atmosphere was ‘electric’ as praise &          Robin Mark blessed us again as praise leader

                  Worship began.



  Pastor James MacDonald delivered two                  The men were hungry for the Word

                    dynamite sessions.



   Men praising our Lord – freely and openly                 Men dancing before the Cross



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