November 18: Precept Ministries Men’s Conference with Bob Vereen


This day-long Men’s conference by Precept Ministries International was held at Central Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario. Precept Ministries International have had several half-day Men’s leadership training days in the past but this full-day event was different with special guest speaker Bob Vereen from Precept Ministries in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Bob works internationally for Precept Ministries and has authored several books. He and his wife Diane came up to Canada for dual speaking roles. She was the keynote speaker at the Precept Women’s Conference held this same weekend in Guelph, Ontario.


Bob shared his vast Bible knowledge and his heart for men and challenged those in attendance to get deeper into the Word in order to be able to listen to God’s voice and directions for their lives and then to act upon them. It is only by knowing His Word, that Christian men especially, can fulfill their role in their homes and in their churches and ultimately in their communities.


He shared two key statements with us that have affected his life and walk in a significant way. Firstly, he shared that “My primary responsibility as a born-again believer is to make certain that every day I’m filled to the point of overflowing with the reality of Jesus Christ to such a degree that I splash out that reality to those I come in contact with.”


And, secondly; “I can’t but He (God) never said I could … He can and He always said He would.”


The Director of Precept International in Canada, Dr. Tom Hart was also speaking at the event and shared his heart for men’s ministries. Tom has authored several books and has co-authored several with Kay Arthur.


Both Tom and Bob lead break-out sessions that looked at the “Biblical man” and where men are in the church today and what has prevented them from being the leaders they are called to be and Bob on His ’40-minute’ study,  How Can a Man Control His Thoughts, Desires and Passions?”.


I was blessed to be able to lead the two sessions of Praise singing – choosing songs that men could relate to in their worship of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Food was an important part of the day with the morning beginning with a continental breakfast and then plenty of snacks throughout the day. For lunch, most of the men went out to various local restaurants. It seems that food and fellowship are two cornerstones of men’s ministries!


After lunch, Clinton Saito from Brantford passionatly shared his heart of evangelism and really challenged us to become more assertive in our outreach – whether it be at work or at home or wherever we find ourselves during our days. Clinton is involved with the Gideon’s in Canada. He briefly shared about his invoplement in prison ministries as well. Clinton’s wife, Ann is an employee at the Precept Ministries office in Brantford.


Bob ended the day with a wonderful and lively preaching time on the the Holy Spirit, the Word, Salvation and Sanctifiaction – all in 30 minutes!


Here are some pictures from the day.




A Continental breakfast was just the beginning    Tom Hart, Director of Precept Ministries in Canada

                                                                        And his son Patrick.    



Tom lead one of the break-out sessions on           Book table of Precept Ministries resources

being a “man of God”                                         for men’s ministries



Keynote speaker Bob Vereen from                     Clinton Saito spoke passionately about

Precept Ministries, Chattanooga                              evangelism in the work-place.



The panel discussion with Clinton, Bob and Tom      Bob, Ian and Tom at the end of a very

                                                                         successful Men’s Conference











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