September 6-12, 2004


Timothy Institute of Ministry at the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association – Ottawa


Bill Prankard introduces his ‘tape of the month’ and his Television programs by saying – “Well, Praise the Lord!” We can also say “Praise the Lord!” for this past week’s Timothy Institute of Ministry (T.I.M.) school held in Ottawa. The week-long school was the first ever such mentor-training run the by the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association. Marg and I were among 64 ‘students’ who came to Ottawa to receive all that we could by instructors such and Bill & Gwen Prankard, Dr. Dick Dewert founder and director of the Miracle Channel, Pastor Rob Dale of Ottawa’s Capital City Biker’s Church, Evangelist Bruce Alexander of Hand of Mercy Ministries, and many others.


The week-long training was very extensive starting each day at 9:00am and not finishing until 9:00pm. One evening was given as ‘off-time’, the only thing was, that night we were given some homework to do! But, we all were more than willing to do it as we were asked to put down our visions for our ministries and find the Scripture that best described our ministry or outreach. One evening was spent at a service of the Capital City Biker’s Church in south-west Ottawa. Pastor Rob Dale led the service and the praise music was performed by “hillbilly” - a born-again believer with a ‘colourful’ past. Most of us were ‘stretched’ at the service even coming into the church meeting rooms themselves – with pool table and TV! But, the outreach and love shown by that church was fantastic.


Students to T.I.M. came from as far west as Alberta, as far east as New Brunswick and as far north as Nunavut. Patterk and Mona Netser came down from Coral Harbour for the course. Patterk is one of three born-again MLAs in the Government of Nunavut. Many students were husbands and wives who together were looking for direction for their existing ministries or looking have the Holy Spirit lead them into new areas. The youngest student was 21-year old Matthew from the Petawawa area and the oldest – well, many of us were over 40!


General areas of teaching were on Gifts and Gifting, the Work of an Evangelist, the call of the Evangelist, Using Media in evangelistic outreach, Mentoring, Evangelistic styles like “Tent-making Evangelism”, “Creative Evangelism”, “Umbrella Evangelism” and more. One session was on setting up ministries in terms of Charitable Organizations and Tax implications and other practical aspects of a ministry. That session was run by Brent Dalgleish of Brent K. Dalgleish and Associates.


We were taken deeper into an understanding of Healing and the Holy Spirit through Bill & Gwen’s ministering and teaching. One whole day was spent in “hands on” ministry and groups of us went out to local Shopping Malls, to Parliament Hill, Nursing Homes and other areas to minister, heal and speak out the Gospel. Many came to the Lord and were healed on of this Saturday outreach.


We were thrilled to be able to participate in this first course as there were many on the waiting list. Bill and Gwen announced that the next T.I.M course will be held from January 3rd to 9th 2005 in Ottawa. Please contact BPEA directly for more information. Thank you Bill & Gwen and all who helped put this course together – Praise the Lord!


Here are a few pictures from the week long course.


“Shall We Serve the One” poster

theme of BPEA and the course.



Some of the 64 T.I.M. Students on the course      Dr. Dick Dewert talking on the Media and Ministry



Patterk & Mona Netser from Nunavut & Ian           Out to lunch – Ray, Patterk, Jean & Mona



Bill saying “Now it is perfectly safe to come in           Logo of the Capital City Biker’s Church

                             to the Biker’s Church – trust me!.



Praise leader “Hillbilly” singing to the Lord.         Gwen teaching on important ministry values


Ian & Marg graduating the first-ever T.I.M. course

run by BPEA.


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