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Three Cord Ministries

We want to honour the Lord with our faithful service and give Him 'all the glory' as He chooses to use us.

This page is dedicated to the "good news" that we receive from others who have been blessed by God.

... from Pastor Fred Kundu (Kenya)

Marriage Ministry message: I can not hold on to what this ministry website is doing for me here in East Africa Kenya.

It is anointed and life changing, since I started visting this website on January this year my marriage and the entire minstry has really changed oh Glory!!!

Pastor Fred Kunda

It is long since I wrote my last letter to you. I am happy for your directives that you gave me. Remember that you are part of what God is doing here [in Kenya] in marriages.

I thank God because whatever He has purposed and pleased that He does in heaven on eath and in waters - oh praise Him!!!!!!.

Nothing has stopped Him from saving marriages.

It is so interesting that as I have been walking in rural areas trying to share and speak about marriages.

I have found this being more effective than other methods and even last week I visted a community where I shared with them about marriage and this is so effective in a way that if I can manage with my team to vist 5 homes remember there is a home where you can get ederly couple with their married children and even their married grandchildren.

So in one home you can end up ministering to 4 to 5 couples and I have seen this to be a great opportunity to minister to this people for most of them find it difficult to attend maybe a Couple's Seminar or Conferences. I am happy because last week I visted a home where 8 couples who where attending Catholic church received Jesus and means of saving their marriages as God designed it.

Oh hallelujah!!!!!!

I will continue using this material as I reach couples and I will be updating you now and then. Though I am not perfect in marriage or years but I thank God for his favour for I have managed to minister to a couple born in 1930. This is great.

Thank you for your prayers and continue praying for me and Kenya (COLOSIANS 4;3-9)

Fred and Vicky Kunda, Kenya