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This page contains reports of trips to Northern Canada and Alaska.


October 21-29, 2010: Taivititut 2010 in Salluit, Nunavik


For the third time, I found myself in Salluit, Nunavik (Northern Quebec) this time attending the 10th Annual Taivititut Gospel Music Festival. I was invited to speak and play during the festival by Paul Saviadjuk of Salluit. Paul had asked me earlier in the summer if I could bring a message to the festival and I chose to speak on the churches in Asia Minor described in Revelation.


Getting to Salluit is becoming easier as at least two airlines regularly fly there from Montreal. I took the Air Inuit flights that travel up the East Coast of Hudson Bay stopping at LaGrand, Puvirnatuq and finally Salluit after some other short landings at some smaller communities.


Taivititut-2010-dash-8-aircraft               Taivititut-2010-paul-greeting

The Dash-8 Air Inuit Aircraft                            Greeting by Paul Saviadjuk in Salluit



I stayed in the local hotel with my good friend Pastor David Ellyatt of Arctic Missions Outreach. He and I have been to several Bible Conferences and Music Festival over the past ten years. It is always good to see David and spend some time with him. David was asked to become of the speakers as well. Paul always asks one or two “Southerners” to speak at the festival. Most speakers though, are local Inuit Pastors and Elders from around the region.


The festival this year was held in the newly built Anglican Church in Salluit. It used to be held in the Community Centre but the church is a far better venue and felt more like a Christian gathering even though all were welcome.



New Anglican Church in Salluit


The weather was quite typical for mid-October in Salluit – some sunny days and overcast days with the temperature varying between -5 and +5 degrees. Like my first time there, there was barely any snow and most days were free from precipitation. When one travels to the Arctic, one nearly always expects to see snow and ice in abundance but that is not always the case.


Once everything was set up, Paul produced a daily schedule of speakers and musician to speak and play during the day and evening. He also looks after the sound and video systems. Everything is recorded and made available to participants most of whom travel from local and not so local Inuit communities dotted around the north.


The festival itself was, like in past years, filled with praise and worship music and great talks by many local Inuit Pastors and Elders. Every night the church was packed with enthusiastic worshippers – kids and all. Unlike the first year I went when the music went on to the small hours of the morning, the schedules were held to and most evenings everyone was on their way home well before midnight!



Several of the Participants at Taivititut 2010


Paul slotted me in for several days to present my talks. I knew it would take several sessions to cover all the material. Unfortunately, we ran out of time on the last day and I had to cut short the talk but I did make CDs available with the material. Here is a link to a PDF Version of the Power Point Presentation that I presented at the Festival.



Presenting the ‘Churches of Asia Minor’ at the Festival


Towards the end of the festival, several people came down with colds and flu that at times affected the schedule but most presentations took place. It is not easy at the best of times to get everyone to and from the festival via the many flights that are required. Some are scheduled but many are chartered. The weather however plays the most part in determining when one will arrive or leave.


Although the weather in Salluit was fairly good, elsewhere where many flights originated, it was not so. Parts of the West Coast of Hudson Bay were blanketed in fog for several days and some music groups and participants arrived a few days late and left a few days late as well.


Those are the challenges of travelling in Canada’s Arctic. But when all was said and done, the 10th Taivititut Gospel Music Festival was a huge success. Thanks to Paul and the teams for handing everything so well!



© Three Cord Ministries -2010



February 18-25, 2008: Indigenous Ministries of Alaska Summit


Skyline Foursquare Church Anchorage Alaska


This is a brief report of a weeklong trip to Anchorage, Alaska to attend the 4th Indigenous Ministries of Alaska (IMA) Summit held at Skyline Foursquare Church. In addition, two more days were spent at the church under the ministry of Alan Ross, a gifted prophet from Glasgow Scotland.


IMA Summit


I was invited by Pastor James Brenn, Senior Pastor of Skyline Foursquare Church to attend the summit and make contact with the Christian Native leaders in Alaska. I had met Pastor James and his wife Yvonne a year earlier at a 3-week Leaders School put on by the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in January 2007.


At that time I had shared with Pastor James that I had been doing some work with the Inuit of Eastern Canada and had a heart to minister to our Northern brothers. He felt this summit would be an opportunity to meet new leaders and listen to their vision and be part of a significant “happening” in Alaska. His heart is to forge closer ties with the Natives of Alaska and to seek bi-lateral dialogue and ministry in the communities of the interior of Alaska.


The Summit ran from Monday night, February 18 to Thursday night, February 21 at the church and was very well attended both during the daytime meetings and worship sessions each evening. Pastor James and his staff had thoroughly prepared for the summit and were honoured to be able to host this significant event. Their prayer room dubbed the “War Room” was used by the leaders every morning to prepare for the day, discuss issues and to invite God through His Holy Spirit to take charge.


view-while-driving-in-anchorage    ian-skyline-church-detail

Whenever you drive East in Anchorage,    Ian in front of Skyline Foursquare Church

this is the view before your eyes.               before the Summit began


Spirit of Togetherness


There was a heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit throughout the four days that fell on not only the leaders but on all who attended. During the mornings, the leaders met for prayer and dialogue. They represented nearly all the 12 nations in Alaska from the far North to the Aleutian chain to the Panhandle regions.


Here is a brief list of those leaders and representatives (my apologies if I have forgotten anyone).


Native & Non-native Alaskan Leaders

Pastor Mike Curtis – Athabascan/Inupiat – New Destiny Church - Anchorage

Barbara Curtis – Inupiat

Leonard John – Tlingit

Guy Peters – Athabascan – pastor/leader/musician

Will Mayo – Athabascan,

Yvonne Mayo

Eleanor Roehl – Yupik - dancer

Evangelist Michael Tall from Nome - dancer

Pastor Luke Titus – Minto Worship Center

Evangelist Gary Simple - Athabascan/Dene. Ministry website: Scared Ground Ministries

Pastor Marvin Carroll of Golden Heart Fellowship

Billy Olsen - musician


Other Leaders (Native and Non-native)

Pastor Dan Mosley – Paiute/Assiniboine - Nevada

Rhonda Mosley – Shishone/Lakota Sioux - Nevada

Pastor Jeff Yellow Owl – Blackfeet/Mt Tribe) – District Supervisor First Nations Foursquare Churches– Toppenish, Washington – Hope For Nations Church

Pastors Frank and Mary East – Toppenish Washington - Hope For Nations Church

Pastor Rick Turner – Yukon Bible Chapel – Whitehorse, Yukon

Prophet Alan Ross – Scotland – Ministry G.O.I.A.M





In this photo – (L-R) Guy Peters, Will Mayo, Leonard John, Marvin Carroll,

and on the right, Barbara Curtis, Mike Curtis


Protocol and Understanding


It is difficult to tell all that happened over the 3-1/2 days but I want to share a few of the highlights. Protocol was first addressed and many of the visitors and non-natives learned a great deal about protocol. This went a long way in establishing the communications and closeness experienced by all.


Several gifts were exchanged including hand-made gifts by Doug Yates to Pastor James & Yvonne of Foursquare. Friendship necklaces were offered to all invited guests and speakers. These were treasured by the recipients and represent a “passport” to Native communities. Pastor James presented IMA a wonderful photograph he took of an eagle during one of his fishing trips. I have included some photos below.


Many prophetic words were spoken by the leaders indicating how God has begun a mighty work among the native and non-native groups in Alaska. This summit was charged with a spirit of new beginnings and a great hope for future relationships.


Evangelist Gary Simple spoke and played guitar but most importantly had us act out a prophetic action whereby the white leaders present formed a circle, facing outwards with arms crossed. The native people then entered the circle. The prophetic significance of this act was that these white Christian leaders were protecting the Christian natives from the rest of those (Christian, Churches, Ministries etc) wanting to come in and take over what is happening in Alaska through IMA and like-minded groups.


group-facing-outward   white-man-ring-of-protection

The white people present formed a protection ring around the native people keeping

out those wanting to usurp the new initiatives.  


So much forgiveness, repentance and healing


As the summit progressed it became obvious that a great and wonderful thing was happening. Past hurts were healed, lives were transformed and a new reconciliation was becoming evident. Some native leaders shared through tears, their struggle and abuse while in residential schools.


Some repented of hostile thoughts, words and deeds toward the white people of Alaska. And equally important, the white Alaska church leaders repented and humbled themselves before the native Alaskans.


Although I don’t know the exact history of the Native and white people in Alaska, I can glean from the conversations I had that the relationship was similar to that in the south – both in the United States and Canada.


Occupation of lands, unbalanced treatment, and disrespect for each other etc had formed deep seated feelings and even resentments. Jesus came that we be united and not divided and this summit went a long way to seeking unilateral reconciliation. I personally felt a heavy anointing and a sweet fragrance of the Lord during the entire summit.


There was not a dry eye in the building when these acts of forgiveness and repentance took place.


tears-of-repentance  healing-times

Pastor James and Yvonne humbled              Prayers continually went up for those

themselves and were emotionally                  wanting healing and deliverance

overcome during the healing times.               from past issues and life experiences.


Another highlight of the summit was the preaching and prophesying of guest Pastor Alan Ross from Scotland. Alan has a wonderful and powerful gift of prophesy and spoke over several at the summit. In addition, he stayed on and spoke four times on the Saturday and Sunday following the summit. Many were blessed at his preaching and insight into God’s moving among the Alaskan natives and churches in general.


Alan also spoke to the church leaders at Skyline and spoke at a luncheon held at the home of Pastor James & Yvonne Brenn. His words were like pieces of gold and fine jewels. Alan hears from God and speaks what he hears. It was a blessing to come under his anointed ministry.



Prophet Alan Ross preaching at the summit and afterwards at Skyline Church.  


It is impossible to tell all that took place during the 3 Ѕ day summit and the following two days with Alan. Suffice to say that I have never witnessed such power and reconciliation between peoples. I had the privilege of attending a huge 5-day conference in Quebec City, Canada a few years ago and witnessed a lot of the same healing and reconciliation between English and French Canadians and Inuit and First Nation peoples. This IMA summit was all as much and more.


May the Lord bless this reconciliation and move in a mighty way in Alaska and beyond its borders into Canada and the world with the Good News that He is in control of the affairs of people from whatever background, race and tribe.


I want to personally thank the leaders of IMA for allowing me to be an observer to this summit. As well, I want to thank Pastor James & Yvonne Brenn of Skyline Foursquare church for hosting this event and allowing me to participate through my music and ministry. Lastly, I want to thank my hosts Pastor Barry & Julie Hildebrand for opening their home to me for the week. May you continue to be used by God.


Here are a few general photographs of the IMA Summit and the activities that I was involved in.


initial-gathering    eleanor-dancing-1

Initial Gathering of visitors and leaders          Eleanor Roehl’s first dance of the summit.



Pastor Mike Curtis (IMA) receiving

the gift to IMA from Pastor James Brenn                 

 (The eagle photo was taken by Pastor James)


gary-simple    salavtion-and-healing

Evangelist Gary Simple playing and singing          Ministry time happened many times and

prophesying and preaching.                            many came forward to repent

                                                                   and be healed and be saved.


Music and Dance played a significant role during the summit.


music-guy-peters   music-praise-team

Guy Peters ministering in music              Praise Team – led by Jose Rolon.



eleanor-roehl   music-ian

Eleanor Roehl starts off her dance                 Ian helping out during the day


© Three Cord Ministries – 2008




December 2-10, 2007: Ministry Trip to Nain, Labrador


This is a brief report of a weeklong ministry trip to Nain, Nunatsiavut (Northern Labrador) to work with Ray & Juanita Whalen of Shining Light Ministries. Ray & Juanita are now starting their fourth year living permanently in the community after ministering there whenever they could over the past dozen or more years. The main purpose of going there was to see what they are doing and to find out how I can bring awareness to others that ultimately will bring needed resources to their ministry.


The ministry they do in Nain is to bring the Gospel and in the name of Jesus, provide food and clothing to dozens of people living in the most Northerly occupied community on the Labrador Coast.


Nain is located about 250 air miles North of Goose Bay Labrador and has a population of approximately 1200. Unemployment is very high and a lot of the jobs are seasonal. Many in the community work for the various local, regional and provincial governments and in schools or other community infrastructures. There is a small group of stores and other commercial enterprises as well as a Health Clinic, and RCMP detachment.




Youth find it particularly frustrating and somewhat hopeless as the availability of work is very limited and all post-secondary education takes place in the south (Newfoundland mainland and elsewhere in Canada). Many families are fractured with the breadwinner being out of town most of the time working at such large-scale projects as the Voisey’s Bay mining located many miles from Nain.


Regardless of the reason, the end result is that on any given day, Ray & Juanita are asked to provide food parcels to several families and even feed individuals in their own home. Periodically they provide warm clothing to the community through large-scale distributions held in the local arena. In addition, they provide bulk food supplies to some of the local resource centers and other social outreaches.


All this is supplied free of charge through the large amount of food and clothing donated to their ministry from individuals and corporations in the south of the country. Most of the goods are stored in their home and around town in various buildings. They must cover the cost of shipping to Nain and have relied on donations from other ministries and individuals.


Twice a week they have services to youth and adults in a beautiful sanctuary created in the basement of their home. They offer corporate worship and individual counseling and Bible studies.


The ultimate dream of Ray & Juanita is to build a Christian Centre that offers not only spiritual food but practical helps such as a youth centre, food and clothing distribution centre and more located on an adjacent lot that they own.


A few weeks before going to Nain, I met with Mr. Norm Cheng of the Bible League in Burlington who provided me with several information kits and some resources to deliver to the Christian leadership in Nain. I was amazed at the interest by lay people though, especially with such material as the Manga Messiah Bible. I left three copies there to serve as examples to show people. The reception especially by young people was overwhelming. Their main comment was “.. is this really a Bible? ... wow, I would show this to any of my friends!” Even youth as young as eight years old read it and thought it was “neat”.


In the end I asked the League to send up a dozen more and Ray said he will use them as a “Bible study” for his Thursday and Sunday night groups, having the youth keep the Bibles and “show them off” to their friends. He also said he will be taking copies to the school and ask to have them displayed there. I personally believe that this Bible will be a major tool and key to reach the youth in the community and by extension, the parents.


A husband and wife team was also staying with Ray & Juanita. Pastor Mike and Flora Mason from Scotland have spent 7 weeks in Nain seeing what is going on and learning first-hand about the Inuit and ministry in the North. They will be returning to Ottawa where they are affiliated with Bill Prankard and his worldwide outreach to aboriginal people in Arctic Canada and Arctic Russia.


Pastor Mike said that he firmly believes that this Manga Messiah Bible will be well received by the ministry in Ottawa and is praying for an expansion of its use in Inuit and First Nation communities. He is personally impressed with the quality and the method of presentation of the Gospel through the Manga Messiah Bible.


Although the general socio-economic situation in the community is low in terms of southern-Canadian standards there are several  ‘lights’ of hope shining through community based outreaches and individuals who are able to minister to the spiritual and social needs in the community. The overall wellness of the community is very dependant upon the working, hunting and fishing conditions that can vary from season to season and year to year. In times of lack in these areas, the community can face an increase in social problems that can only be alleviated by outside intervention.


The greatest spiritual need is a renewal of hope only to be found in a relationship with Christ. This will come about as people in the community shed their bindings of religiosity and tradition and individually seek Christ. Practically of course the greatest need is food, clothing and shelter that is presently not provided by government to the degree needed. Secondly, the greatest need is to address the social evils of alcohol, drugs, abuse and abandonment found in the community.


Here are a few photographs of Nain and the ministry activities that I was involved in.



Nain-part-of-town    Overlooking-the-bay 

View of part of the community of Nain             Overlooking the Bay – still not frozen over        



 Ray-Whalen    Moravian-church-Nain

Pastor Ray Whalen of Shining Light Ministries                   The Moravian Church in Nain                   



  Ian&kids    Unloading-supplies 

Ian & some of the kids outside the Arena           Unloading Supplies for the Resource Centre


  Home-gathering   Praise&Worship

Sunday night Worship gathering at Ray’s               Praise & Worship with Ian & Mike


© Three Cord Ministries – 2007





October 16-25, 2005: Taivititut Gospel Music Festival in Salluit, Nunavik



“Let Everything that has breath Praise the Lord”

Psalm 150


For the second time in three years, I found myself flying into Salluit, Northern Quйbec for the Taivititut-2005 Gospel Music Festival. This year was different though because my wife Marg was with me. This was her first trip to the North and she was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. But she clearly heard from the Lord that she was to go.


We really must thank Paulusie Saviadjuk the lead organizer of Taivititut and the board for allowing us to come and minister in song and Word. We also want to thank Air Inuit and especially Gilbert, our host on-board for the flight up to Salluit, for his fantastic service and attitude – the flights were really enjoyable!


At Montrйal airport, I introduced myself to another person ‘from the South’ whom I overheard say he was going to the festival. It turned out to be Pastor Jason Harris from Cottam, Ontario near Windsor. He was going up on his own and we didn’t really contact again until the planning meeting on the Tuesday. Others from the South were Pastor David Ellyatt and his daughter Faith. They had been to the Leader’s Conference in Kangirsujuaq just a few days before.


Our intention in Salluit besides being involved in the music was to present small-group workshops on Marriage and Healing Life’s Hurts based on well-known Precept Ministries material. But, as the Lord does so often, He had a different plan – a better plan that we became aware of only after being in Salluit a day or so.


When it became clear that the format of the teachings were all to be in the hall, we regrouped and sought the Lord’s advice.


He put Jason right in the middle of our plans. Jason had had a word for us right from the time we first met at Montrйal although he did not speak it out at the time. He did speak that word out to us in Salluit and the word was ‘stretching’. I realize now what that meant in terms of our being in Salluit!


We were graciously billeted at Annie Aluka’s home along with several others. Annie’s home is beautiful and we want to thank her so much for her hospitality. There in the house were also Leoni Duffy, her daughter Amy and her granddaughter Zoey as well as Margaret and Tina, members of the Coral Harbour praise team. Later Bobby Deer and his wife Eva from Quaqtaq joined all of at Annie’s.


The Festival itself was as expected lively yet worshipful. Many groups from around the Arctic participated as well as myself and Jason. Groups from Coral Harbour, Kangiqsujuaq, Iqaluit and other Northern Communities all added to the wonderful atmosphere.


Every night main speakers and Pastors such as Pastor Georges Kakayuk of Salluit, Leoni Duffy of Coral Harbour, Tagak Curly of Rankin Inlet and Pastor Elyassie Sallualuk from Puvirnituq preached powerful messages for not only the adults but especially for the youth.


Every morning and afternoon, teaching sessions were done by people such as Tagak Curly, Pastor David Ellyatt, Pastor Jason Harris and Marg and I. We had the opportunity on the Saturday morning to speak on what the Bible has to say about Marriage. The time was short but we are hoping to be able to do fuller teachings at a later date.


The set up was well done and except for a few glitches, the sound and recording systems under the direction of Bobby Deer and Pastor Georges went off without a hitch. Small book and product tables were set up at the back on the hall with a wide assortment of Christian ‘goodies’.


The hospitality was fantastic and we enjoyed meeting old-time and new friends. The weather was surprising mild and for several days, sunshine and blue sky. Even when it was cloudy, it was still pleasant weather for late October.


We left Salluit on Monday afternoon and had an uneventful trip south to Montrйal. After an overnight near the airport, we returned to Toronto on Tuesday, tired but pleased that we had been blessed so much by our experience. We also learned several important Christian lessons – namely, plan but let God make the plans happen. Be patient and expect the unexpected from God. He always has a better way!


Blessings to all who read this. The Communities and Saints in the North covet all our prayers. Pray that God will continue to move mightily in the Arctic and that the schemes of the devil such as drugs, alcohol and social disunity come under authority. We believe a new fresh wind is blowing not only in the North but from the North as well.


Ian & Marg Ridpath


Here are a few pictures of the near week-long event in Salluit.

Taivititut-2005 008

Taivititut-2005 019

Flying into Salluit, northern Quйbec

The Northern Village of Salluit from Annie’s house


taivititut-2005 029

Taivititut-2005 032

The wonderful saints gathered in the hall.

Paulusie, his wife Elaisa and Sammy Saviadjuk


Taivititut-2005 033

taivititut-2005 042

Pastor Jason Harris, Ian & Marg enjoying the praise and worship.

Praise and Worship went up for hours each night.


Taivititut-2005 089

taivititut-2005 036

Fellowship took place in homes. Here is Tagak and Sally Curley, Tina from Coral Harbour and Harry from Puvirnituq at Annie’s home.


Young and old enjoyed and were ministered to by the Praise and Worship.

taivititut-2005 059

And we all thought Bobby Deer was just a ‘sound man’.

Great playing Bobby!

Taivititut-2005 119

There was even a wedding on Sunday after the service.

Bride and groom (centre) with friends after the ceremony in the hall.

© Three Cord Ministries – 2005



September 2003 – Arctic Bible Conference – Baker Lake, Nunavut



The Northern Lights over Baker Lake (can you spot Mars?)


For the first time, a large-scale Arctic Bible conference was held in the community of Baker Lake, Nunavut. Nearly 500 people flew by scheduled air services and charters from all around the Arctic and southern Canada. People from as far North as Arctic Bay, Nunavut, from as far West as BC and from as far South as Kentucky attended the six-day event. Over 100 from Nunavik (Northern Quebec) used three charters to get the geographic centre of Canada – the hamlet of Baker Lake.


Planning started many months ago and was spearheaded by Pastors Joan and Bill Kashla of Baker Lake. Preparations began on Thursday, September 18 with the setting up of the local Arena. Many who arrived early, helped with chairs, sound and video equipment. The A-V part of the conference was handled by Bobby Deer of Quaqtaq, Nunavik and Russ Kroeker of Creston BC. During the six days, audio CDs, audio tapes and DVDs were recorded, copied and distributed.



Panoramic View of the 500-plus attendees in the Baker Lake Arena


Many Inuit Pastors such as James Arreak from Iqaluit, Billy Arnaquq from Qikiqtarjuaq, Leoni Duffy from Coral Harbour shared the Word and presented teaching sessions. As well, other Inuit Pastors such as Eva Lapage from Kuujjuaq, Elyassie Sallualuk from Puvirnatuq and many more were present and ministered at the conference. It was a blessing beyond measure. Josh and Janet Mills of New Wine Ministries in London and David Ellyatt of Arctic Missions from London also shared the word. Others from the South included Ed Tetrault from Winnipeg, Arne Bryan and his wife Kathie from Prayer Canada in BC and Pastor Don Porter of God’s Church in Sucker Creek Alberta. In addition, Roger Armbruster of Canada Awakening blessed the conference with powerful preaching. See Roger’s report on his Canada Awakening Website.


The weather in Baker Lake was nearly perfect with only one day of overcast sky and a bit of snow. Many evenings were clear enough to see the wonderful Northern Lights and what a show they put on. After downloading and processing the pictures, I realized that the one shown below looks so much like the hand of Jesus complete with nail hole! I have called it God’s Hand over Baker Lake.




God’s Hand Over Baker Lake

 (September 22, 2003)


Homes were opened for billeting conference goers as the population of Baker Lake was a third again larger for the six days. All hotels were full and we were all accommodated with traditional Inuit hospitality. On the Tuesday afternoon there were no sessions as the Community prepared a cook-out behind the arena. Hundreds of families attended and chowed-down on Caribou, baked potatoes, Banok bread, corn and Kraft dinner! I had never seen a picnic with snow on the ground!


The messages given were focussed on many Christian topics including Spiritual gifts, walking the walk in silence, submission to His will among others. Each evening several came for prayer and gave themselves to the Lord. One significant event took place on the Sunday night service. Those from Nunavik who had lost loved ones to suicide were matched up with those from Baker Lake who are suffering the same anguish. The two lines of people stood face to face and prayed together and hugged and cried together – it was very significant and moving.


Praise and worship times were to say the least ‘lively’ – the Praise Team from Arviat and from Salluit were the major teams and brought the attendees into the presence of God with their music. They ministered during offering time and before ministry time – the Inuit know how to worship and dance and be ‘undignified’ before the Lord – Praise the Lord.


I returned before the end of the conference because of flight schedules but the time in Baker Lake was moving and meaningful and broadening.


Here are some more of the 150 pictures that I took.


Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20048      Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20072

Sandy Kakayuk of Salluit                    Pastor Georges Kakayuk of Salluit



Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20030     Baker-Lake-2003-flag

Setting Up the Arena with 500+ chairs             The flag of Nunavut – center stage


Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20092      Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20076

Flags from various Arctic Communities          Pastor Joan and Bill Kashla


Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20096      Baker-Lake-2003-crowds

Janet Mills preaching                                Some of the 500 plus attendees


Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20132      Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20131

Many families picnic-ed in snow                      Caribou and all the ‘fixings’


Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20017      Baker-Lake-2003-CD&prints%20035

Views of Baker Lake – beautiful



© Three Cord Ministries – 2003


February 2003: Eastern Arctic Bible Conference in Puvirnituq, Nunavik, Canada


Ian spent nearly a week attending the Eastern Arctic Bible Conference in the small community of PUVIRNITUQ on the East coast of Hudson Bay from February 6th to 11th. Inuit from around the Canadian Arctic and a few “Southerns” from Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba along with several others from overseas attended and were blessed by Praise and Worship, Bible Teaching, Testimonials and Fellowship. Among those ministering were Josh & Janet Mills of New Wine International out of London, Ontario and Dave and Joan Ellyatt of Arctic Missions Outreach also from London.


En route to and from Puvirnituq, Ian stayed overnight with Paul and Eva Lapage in Kuujjuaq. They have a small house-church ministering to several local people as well as to any saints passing through Kuujjuaq. Paul & Eva, two friends and Ed Tetrault from Winnipeg all flew to Puvirnituq (POV) on a wonderful A100 twin turbo-prop airplane. The flight was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced!


Here are a few photos from that trip.


Puvirnituq 2003 009     Puvirnituq 2003 023small

Paul, Ian & Eva at Kuujjuaq Airport       Saints Assembled in the Conference Hall


Puvirnituq%202003%20044small     Puvirnituq%202003%20043

The one STAR Hotel NOVA LINGA       One morning we when we ran out of water, we

                                                had to melt snow!



Puvirnituq 2003 090     Puvirnituq 2003 092small

Ministry Time was Wonderful ……………..…. as was the Praise and Worship


Puvirnituq%202003%20034small     Puvirnituq%202003%20106

Josh & Janet Mills, Joan & Dave Ellyatt  Paul Lapage, Tom Mesher, Eva, Ian and

                                                    Ed Tetrault from Winnipeg.


© Three Cord Ministries – 2003


October 2002Taivititut Gospel Music Festival in Salluit, Nunavik


Ian’s first trip to Canada’s arctic region took place between October 18 and 29 2002 when he attended the Taivitatut [David-a-toot] Gospel Music Festival held in the most northerly community in Quebec in the region called Nunavik. Taivitatut translates as “Praising like David”. Earlier that year he attended the 30th Anniversary of the Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association ministry in Ottawa and there met Paulusie Saviadjuk from Salluit. Paul was in attendance along with the Salluit Full Gospel Church Praise Team. As well, nearly 30 other Inuit from Nunavik and Nunavut were there to help celebrate Bill’s long-time ministry in the Arctic Regions of both Canada and Russia.


Getting to Salluit from Toronto was an adventure in its own. Due to weather and scheduling, Ian spent two nights at the home of Paul & Eva LaPage in Kuujjuaq. Then on a blustery day, hop-scotched in a Twin Otter to Salluit after stopping in such places as Kangirsuk and Quaqtaq on the west side of Ungava Bay.


Paul and his wife Elaisa and their four children made Ian most welcome, let him have a whole bedroom (in their two bedroom house) to himself and provided wonderful hospitality. The music festival started several days later, so in the meanwhile, he help wherever there was a need. Others from the South such as Josh Mills of New Wine International and David Ellyatt of Arctic Missions Outreach both from London, Ontario were there along with many Inuit from across the Eastern Arctic.


The festival was five days (nights) of non-stop Praise and Worship bands and groups playing from 7pm to sometimes as late as 3am. Those scheduled to play at 10pm were on at 1 or 2am … night after night as the Lord was praised … but nobody cared about the time! On the last day Sunday, a community lunch was provided for the nearly 300 people in attendance.


What a joy it was to be part of this celebration. The Lord gave Ian his first song “I’m Gonna Dance, Gonna Sing” while staying at Paul’s home. On the way back, Ian stayed again at Paul & Eva Lapage’s and took part in their home-church service.


Here are some pictures of the nearly two week trip.


Salluit3    Salluit5

Arriving in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik             Twin Otter ready to leave for Salluit


Taivititut-2002C2    Taivititut-2002D

Paulusie Saviadjuk in his home office   The crowds were the best part of the festival


Taivititut-2002J    Taivititut-2002N

Overlooking the community of Salluit  Time for Bible Study – Ian, James Arreak, Dave

                                                 Ellyatt, Billy Arnaquq and Bobby Deer


Taivititut-2002V   Taivititut-2002Z

All set to leave – WOW, what an experience   Arctic tundra and Hudson Strait


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