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Revival and Renewal

Revival and Renewal is God's heart for His people

What is Revival?

Revival is the dramatic outpouring of the Holy Spirit in order to bring Christ's light into a dulled 'church'. It is a 're-living' or re-vitalization of the Christian walk not only for churches but for whole communities and cities. It must follow the three reformed doctrines:

Bible authority,
Grace efficacy and
the Priesthood of all believers.

What is Renewal?

Renewal can be described as the quieter working of the Holy Spirit in dulled Christians in order to re-kindle, re-ignite or re-establish their 'first love' of Christ. It is a re-living or re-vitalization of the personal Christian walk. Revival causes renewal in Christians not the other way around! Therefore, this article deals mainly with Revival as witnessed in the past so many times around the world - especially the Welsh Revivals of 1904-1905.

1. The Characteristics of Revival.

Revival usually starts amongst non-conformist churches. It has been identified though many characteristics such as;

1. More fervent preaching

2.Increased growth in grace and knowledge of Christ

3. More fervent worship and new music and worship styles

4. Increased prayer in the church and homes

5. Obvious anointing of the Holy Spirit

6. Increased confession and retribution

7. Pre-eminence of Christ in everyday life

8. Strong Satanic attacks on the church

9. Increased ministry of the Word

10. Increase in manifestations of the Holy Spirit

11. Increase in healing

12. Increase in evangelism

13. Increased division of old and new, mainline and traditional

14. Increase in testimonies and freedom to share

15. Multitudes are saved

Some Details of these Revival Characteristics.

More Fervent Preaching:

The Bible is always referenced as infallible and relevant for every age.
The Word is never left out of a church gathering.

Growth of Grace and Knowledge of Christ:

Increased head knowledge is translated to increased heart relationship with Christ. An awareness of Relationship versus Religion increases.

More Fervent Worship:

Worship that is less constrained and free to express love of the church towards the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. New music and worship styles are welcomed and embraced.

Increased Prayer in the Church and Homes:

Corporate and personal prayer times increase involving prayer meetings on a regular basis, intercessory prayer watches and family prayer on a daily basis.

Obvious Anointing of the Holy Spirit:

Prophetic utterances and increase in tongues released. Increase in lay preaching and teaching and praying for the body of Christ.

Increased Confession and Restitution:

Awareness of sin in the church and individuals. Public acknowledgement of sin and personal restitution increases as the Holy Spirit convicts.

Pre-eminence of Christ in Everyday Life:

The church family puts Christ first before work, family, sports etc. Christ is acknowledged in everything one does. God's kingdom is sought first.

Strong Satanic Attacks on the Church:

Plans are disrupted, illness increases, healings seem to reverse, leaders are discouraged.

The Word is studied by more individuals:

Bible studies are characterized by 'heart' knowledge rather than head knowledge. The Bible is referenced in all teaching and preaching. The infallibility of the Word is upheld.

Increase in manifestations of the Holy Spirit:

Tongues increased, prophetic words increase, prophetic dance and music increase, physical submission to the Holy Spirit is evident, healings increase, 'Holy' laughter increases.

Increase in Healing

Individuals are healed of significant diseases and healings become a regular event as the Holy Spirit is allowed to operate fully in church services and in meetings.

Increase in Evangelism:

Evangelistic outreaches are increased and all efforts to reach out from the church are successful. New missionaries and lay people are raised up to preach and teach the word in areas outside the church walls.

Increased Division of Old and New, Mainline and Traditional:

An increase in 'friction' between old and new as the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow. The church universal may seem to come together more (between denominations ... ecumenical) but this is superficial except where Revival/Renewal is allowed to take place. The church of Christ is drawn closer whilst man-made structures are divided and brought down.

Increase in Testimonies and Freedom to Share:

Spirit filled Christians desire to share their testimonies increasingly. The church welcomes these 'faith stories' to build up the body.

Multitudes are saved:

A significant increase in the number of decisions for Christ is evident ... many more times than usual.

2. The 'Engine' of Revival.

Revival is the work of Grace.

The prime mover or 'engine' of revival is the Holy Spirit.

The 'fuel' of revival is the Word of God.

The 'momentum' of revival is prayer, prayer and more prayer.

The 'cargo' of revival is the saved souls who live a new life of love, peace, joy, patience, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control.

The 'journey' of revival is finite ... revival does not last forever.

The 'track' upon which revival runs is always different but it is the track that is set out by the Holy Spirit ... not man.

3. What Does Revival Look Like?

Revivals of the past (and present) have involved meetings that have had the following signatures.

1. Strong sense of conviction of sin ... public confessions

2. Large numbers of young people are involved

3. An awareness of the Holy Spirit in meetings

4. Dependence upon the Holy Spirit

5. Taking the spiritual conflicts into the enemy's camp

6. Prolonged services

7. Request for more, more, more of Jesus.

8. Mindful to 'never leave a soul to slip away'

9. Breaking forth in praise

10. Testimonies and exhortations.

11. Tongues of Fire came upon each person

12. Personal testimony, prayer and confession

13. Weeping, fainting and laying prostrate on the ground

14. Clapping of hands

15. Laughter with joy (Holy laughter)

16. "No ordinary gathering"

17. Spontaneity

18. Open Bibles and walking down isles

19. Kneeling and encouraging

20. Dancing without inhibition

21. Uncontrolled shivering

22. Entire congregation in tears

23. 3/4 of the meeting is in singing

24. Lack of liturgical order

25. Jumping and dancing

26. Praising God for His grace

27. Wild excitement

28. Following the lead of the Spirit

29. Expressions using hands and feet

30. Laying face down

31. The sick are anointed and healed

32. Evil spirits are exorcised

33. Knowledge of the baptism of the Spirit

34. Outflow of Divine Power

35. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

36. Ecstasy of joy

37. New music forthcoming

4. Anti Revival Influences

The following have been identified as having a negative effect on revival.

1. Doctrinal Straightjackets

- these include 'tunnel' vision of salvation, baptism, indwelling of the Holy Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, the rapture, the Millennial Models ...

2. Satanic Attacks

Foundational attacks on Christian fundamentals such as Creation, the Exodus, the Divinity of Christ.

3. Liberalism in the Church

The sanctification of non-traditional marriages or unions, the appointment of non-repentant believers to leadership, the watering down of Scripture to make it fit the post-modern era to make acceptable that which isn't acceptable.

4. Criticism of the Bible

The 'neutering' of the Word, the defaming of the Word, the contesting of the infallibility of the Word.

5. Spiritual Bankruptcy

Churches are producing dulled, listless, non-committed, carnal Christians.

6. No Bible Teaching

Many Churches are not preaching and teaching and training using the Bible in their services ... nice, sociable, safe stories replace live giving instruction, correction and blessing as found in the Bible.

7. Lack of the "Fruits of the Spirit"

The fruits of the Spirit ... love, peace, patience ... self control are all gifts given through God's Grace... our grace to others is dependant upon our submission to this same Holy Spirit.

8. Abuse of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Manipulations, extremism, emotionalism for self-service are evident when the Holy Spirit's gifts are abused.

9. Traditionalists shutting out Revivalists

This is self-evident and expresses itself by closed ears and closed eyes and closed hearts to moves of the Holy Spirit, to signs and wonders and to any 'fresh-wind

10. Old Wine - New Skins

Wanting the new but unwilling to let go of the old ... similar to the traditionalist versus the contemporary in worship, in services, in acceptance of manifestations etc.

11. Political Correctness

Political correctness run wild produces a compromised Gospel ... that is completely unacceptable to the Holy Spirit. Love, patience, kindness etc are what pleases the Holy Spirit, not social/political correctness that allows non-Christian values to have precedence in the Church of Christ.

12. Psychological Interpretation of the Christian Experience

Analysis - paralysis is another way of saying this. The Holy Spirit is the sole interpreter and benchmark of the Christian experience. Christianity is a 'faith' walk not a 'head' walk.