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Three Cord Ministries
Support For Our Ministry

How can you help?

We love presenting God's WORD to our community, do whatever He asks us to do and go wherever we are called. We would covet your prayer support for us to continue presenting God's life-giving truths through Word and Worship.

All of our ministry costs such as our annual website hosting fees, our annual CCLI music registration, ministry trips and teaching resources are presently covered through God's provision to our household.

Three Cord Ministries is registered in Canada as a not-for-profit Christian ministry incorporated in Milton, Ontario. We do not have "Charitable Status" and therefore cannot issue Income Tax receipts for any financial donations.

We believe that the work of the Lord should be supported solely by the faithful and not by "Caesar's money chest".

We have chosen to accept only 'free-will' offerings from supporters and by doing so, there will never be a time when we will be threatened by being cut-off as a charity because we did not support some particular political legislation or whim. We would ask you to pray as to how you may be able to help us keep this ministry strong.

We believe one of the greatest needs in our communities is for Bible truths to be spoken out and made universally available especially concerning Christian values exhibited by our traditional marriages and family structures in this day and age of attack on these foundational relationships.

Please contact us if you wish and we will let you know how you can help for any specific need.

Blessings, in Christ's name. Ian and Marg